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Tim Sowter - Drums


As the drummer of the Blue Beatles, Tim tries to play just like Ringo Starr, even nodding his head from side to side, which is apparently not easy to do.

In his ongoing commitment to authenticity, Tim has recently purchased a brand new replica set of Ludwig drums in the classic oyster black pearl finish, replicating the classic drum kit which Ringo Starr used with The Beatles from 1964 onwards.

Tim started playing a tin drum at the age of four, graduated to snare drum at the age of seven and began formal drum lessons at the age of twelve, after his music teacher persuaded his mum and dad to buy him his first drum kit.  Tim practised religiously for an hour a day, five days a week (much to the delight of his next door neighbours!) and he still has his beloved first drum kit to this day (although his wife draws the line at having it set up in the bedroom).

Inspired and influenced over the years by drummers as diverse as Stewart Copeland (The Police), Phil Collins (Genesis), Dave Weckl (playing in Jazz Rock giant Chick Corea) and session supremos Vinnie Colauita (Frank Zappa/Sting) and Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, Eric Clapton) to name but a few.

Tim, by his own proud admission, is somewhat of a drumming "anorak" and has some thirty years of experience playing a wide range of music in orchestras, Rock, Rock'n'Roll and Country bands at a wide range of venues, from university functions with various Rock bands to orchestral concerts at the Albert Hall and, of course, the Wroughton Carnival with The Blue Beatles.

Tim loves and draws inspiration from all kinds of music, but he cites his favourite drummers as those with a distinctive sound and style that play for the song - drummers like Ringo Starr, a drummer underrated for many years.  When asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, John Lennon once joked that Ringo "wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles".  Today, Ringo's contribution to The Beatles sound, and hence its success, is admired and acknowledged by many of todays great drummers, including Tim.  They recognise that without Ringo The Beatles just would not have sounded the same.

Tim is also a huge Beatles fan and to help the band deliver that genuine Beatles experience, Tim always strives to be as true to the original Ringo drum part as possible, not only in terms of notes but also "feel".  For that last reason alone the other band members consider him most definitely to be "the best drummer in The Blue Beatles"!