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Private Party - Swanage - 20th March 2010

Created on 18 March 2010. Posted in Past Events

... the rhythm guitarist in the band.  We like to play all styles of Rock'n'Roll, and this gig will give us the opportunity to really "let rip". To see a list of forthcoming public performances by The Blue ...

Scott Lewis - Rhythm Guitar

Created on 10 January 2009. Posted in about us

Scott first became a Beatles fan when he was just thirteen years old.  He was caught up in the wave of Beatles nostalgia which swept the world following the announcement of John Lennon's death. As ...

Hofner Violin Bass now a collector's piece

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

When I was about 15, I was the singer in my very first Rock’n’Roll band with my school mates.  Vince played lead guitar, Mo (Maurice) played rhythm guitar and Geoff, Vince’s 12 year old brother, played ...

About Us

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in About us

The members of The Blue Beatles tribute band are Scott Lewis on rhythm guitar (the John Lennon of the band), Chas Maguire on bass guitar (the Paul McCartney of the band), Andy Farmer on lead guitar (the ...

The Mersey Beat Explosion

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

... Me. It was rhythmically, instrumentally and vocally different from everything else and stood out as a unique recording.  Now it’s easy to hear the influence of Chuck Berry and some of the other American ...