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Latest News and Articles The Blue Beatles are always playing gigs at interesting locations, meeting Beatles fans of all age groups and backgrounds. They have lots of experiences and ideas to share with ...


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New boots for The Blue Beatles

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... purchased matching boots which The Blue Beatles Duo will be showing off this Friday at The Bird In Hand Hotel, Knowl Hill, near Reading. For a full list of forthcoming gigs, see the gig dates page.  ...

The Blue Beatles Duo performing live In Worcester Park, Surrey

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... are always varying their set to make their shows interesting for fans who come to see them repeatedly, and hope to have Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane perfected by the time they play these gigs. ...


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... Away Black/white/bold = included at most gigs Grey = occasionally played and available if requested TO BOOK THE BLUE BEATLES CALL US ON 07866 765575  ...


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Occasionally, we are sent video footage of live gigs. Wherever possible, we have included some recent examples. You can see more on Youtube and our Facebook page. Videos of The Blue Beatles Band live ...

Gig Dates

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You can come and see The Blue Beatles band and duo playing at public bookings on the dates listed below. TO BOOK THE BLUE BEATLES CALL US ON 07866 765575  

About Us

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... gigs around this area, but as they have moved further afield, so has their fanbase. Scott lives in Reading, Andy is in Watford, Chas now lives in Oxford and Tim has stayed near Harrow. Now The Blue Beatles ...