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A Leading Beatles Tribute Band The Blue Beatles Band

Created on 08 July 2012. Posted in Home

... their close harmony singing and authentic replica Beatles guitars, amps and drums, The Blue Beatles Tribute Band and Duo capture the iconic sound of the Sixties. People in the audience have often said ...

The Blue Beatles Duo - for more intimate occasions

Created on 05 June 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

... are listening to a medley of recordings by The Blue Beatles. Just press pause if you wish to stop the music. Scott and Andy play guitar and sing to backing tracks featuring bass guitar, drums, percussion ...

Tim Sowter - Drums

Created on 22 March 2010. Posted in about us

... Tim has recently purchased a brand new replica set of Ludwig drums in the classic oyster black pearl finish, replicating the classic drum kit which Ringo Starr used with The Beatles from 1964 onwards. ...

Hofner Violin Bass now a collector's piece

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

... drums, although he couldn’t reach the base drum pedal for at least another year! We loved playing Beatles songs, which were just being released at that time, but we knew that we didn’t sound right.  ...

About Us

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in About us

... George Harrison of the band) and Tim Sowter on drums (the Ringo Starr of the band).   All four members grew up in and around the Harrow area of North-West London.  They originally started playing ...