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Scott Lewis loves Beatles music

Created on 06 July 2012. Posted in Latest

... chord or two. Then I met one of my dearest and most sorely-missed friends, Simon Gaynor, son of our current bassist, who seemed to know every Beatles song there was, and over the next year he showed me ...

The Blue Beatles Duo - for more intimate occasions

Created on 05 June 2012. Posted in Uncategorised

... are listening to a medley of recordings by The Blue Beatles. Just press pause if you wish to stop the music. Scott and Andy play guitar and sing to backing tracks featuring bass guitar, drums, percussion ...

Hofner Violin Bass now a collector's piece

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in Latest

... It wasn’t until we went to see a more polished local band that I realised that our high pitched scratchy sound resulted from the absence of a bass guitar!  I promptly borrowed some money from my Dad, who ...

Chas Maguire - Bass Guitar

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in about us

For many years, Chas Maguire was a freelance musician who has performed the length of Britain as well as in Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic. Chas started playing bass guitar ...

About Us

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in About us

The members of The Blue Beatles tribute band are Scott Lewis on rhythm guitar (the John Lennon of the band), Chas Maguire on bass guitar (the Paul McCartney of the band), Andy Farmer on lead guitar (the ...