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Scott Lewis - Rhythm Guitar

Created on 10 January 2009. Posted in about us

... which The Beatles used on almost all of their albums. Naturally, as the John Lennon of the band, Scott plays a black and white short scale Rickenbacker 325 C63 for that chunky sound which John ...

Andy Farmer - Lead Guitar

Created on 30 December 2008. Posted in About us

... Day's Night, Beatles For Sale and Help. During the middle of each gig, Andy switches to the iconic Rickenbacker 365 V64 Fireglo 12 string for the sound which gave The Beatles and various other Sixties ...

Chas Maguire - Bass Guitar

Created on 19 December 2008. Posted in about us

... I don't play left-handed like Paul, but apart from that I think I do a pretty good impression." Later in the set, Chas sometimes switches to his Rickenbacker 4001S bass.  The distinctive lingering notes ...