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Chas Maguire - Bass Guitar


For many years, Chas Maguire was a freelance musician who has performed the length of Britain as well as in Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Chas started playing bass guitar aged 11 when the school music teacher burst in and found him jamming with some classmates in the music room one lunchtime. This teacher’s instruction for Chas to stay behind after school that Friday turned out to be Chas’ first rehearsal with the school band and led to a love of bass which has only grown as the years go on. His musical influences are many and wide ranging, and has led to Chas playing every style of music from smooth dinner jazz, passing through cheesy pop, avant-garde cartoon big band, disco and funk, right up to hard rock and heavy metal; very few genres haven’t had a look in at some point (and occasionally in the same gig…) His favourite bassists include: Trevor Dunn, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Tony Levin, Robert "Kool” Bell and Donald “Duck” Dunn.

hofner_violin_bassChas has a replica of Paul McCartney's original iconic Hofner violin bass, which he uses to add a solid backline to the other guitars in The Blue Beatles.

"It's not the easiest bass to play," says Chas. "It is quite quirky in the set-up and has a very limited string action, but the sound is tremendous.



"The trick is to get the melodious 'thump' of the bass note without too much sustain, just like Paul McCartney used to do.  Of course, I don't play left-handed like Paul, but apart from that I think I do a pretty good impression."

Later in the set, Chas sometimes switches to his Rickenbacker 4001S bass.  The distinctive lingering notes of this instrument are perfect for performing the Beatles later compositions such as "All You Need Is Love" and "Lady Madonna".